Go Mini’s patented portable storage units have a superior design over competitors like PODS®.

Our portable storage units have eight inches of ground clearance, making them easy to load while protecting your contents in the event of a flood.

Our vented containers greatly reduce moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew.

Go Mini’s containers offer locking roll-up doors, keeping your belongings safe and protected.

Our containers have sturdy interior railings making it easy to secure your contents with tie-downs.

Unlike PODS®, our containers feature steel-welded frames and strong, secure steel siding.

Unlike many of our competitors, our galvanized steel exterior is coated with factory-baked paint to prevent our containers from sweating and rusting.

The flooring in our portable storage units has an anti-slip coating, and is sealed making the surface moisture resistant.

Go Mini’s containers are designed with padded wheels to protect your driveway from unwanted marks and damage.

Find The Right Size For You

12 Ft

Ideal For Many Situations


Go Mini's 12 ft Container

  • Our 12-foot portable storage container is ideal for smaller moves or smaller storage needs.
  • Typically holds 2-3 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of an 10’ x 10’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 12' Width 8' Height 8'.

16 Ft

Perfect For Larger Moves


Go Mini's 16 ft Container

  • Our 16-foot portable storage container is the ideal size for medium moves or medium storage needs.
  • Typically holds 3-4 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of an 10’ x 15’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 16' Width 8' Height 8'.

20 Ft

When You Have A Lot Of Stuff


Go Mini's 20 ft Container

  • Our 20-foot portable storage container is the smart choice for large moves or large storage needs.
  • Save money over renting two containers with other companies.
  • Typically holds 5-6 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of a 10’ x 20’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 20' Width 8' Height 8'.

Suggested container sizes are for guidance only. Larger items and how efficiently moving and storage containers are loaded can significantly impact the size and quantity of containers you’ll need.