About Go Mini's of Hamilton / Niagara

Go Mini’s patented storage containers have a superior design over competitors like PODS® and Packrat®.

Go Mini’s of Hamilton / Niagara provides an easy and innovative solution for your storage or moving needs.

Simply pick a 12’, 16’, or 20’ portable storage unit , and we’ll deliver it right to your home or business.

You can trust your valuable will be safe because our patented Go Mini’s containers are vented, dry, and secure.

Don't worry about your driveway because our padded wheels protect your driveway from unwanted marks and damage.  Because our units are at ground level, its easy to load and unload them, and you can do it at your own pace. No need to rush or make a quick deadline with Go Mini's.

Once you’re all packed up, we’ll pick up and transport the container to your new location. If you need to store it, we can drop it off at our storage facility.  You may keep it there as along as you need to until you are ready to unload.

With Go Mini’s, you’ll avoid the stress and struggle of moving day.

Call us today for a free quote: 905-984-6917, or Get A Quote online.

Our Service Area

Servicing Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Hamilton and everything in between.